Kokoda Tours (AKA Niugini Adventure Tours PTY LTD) takes the privacy of our stakeholders very seriously. We make an effort to only collect the data we need to operate our website (the term ‘website’ within this document includes our website and any web or mobile website applications) and our business. This document explains clearly how we collect, store and share information (if any) that we collect in our website  or through our services. Should you have any questions about your data please feel free to contact us via


Acceptance of Terms
By using our website and/or services, you accept the policies laid out in this document. Additionally you acknowledge and consent that we will collect, process, store, and share data and explained in this document. If you do not consent you can simply not use our website or services. Much of the data collection and processing we do can be disabled in the settings for our website, but some data collection is necessary to prevent security issues, fraud, corruption and ensure proper operation of our website.


We are constantly adding features and auditing our privacy practices. As such this document is likely to change over time. By continuing to use our website or services your acceptance of these updates is implied.


What or Who is Kokoda Tours (AKA Niugini Adventure Tours PTY LTD)?
‘Kokoda Tours (AKA Niugini Adventure Tours PTY LTD)’) is an Australian and PNG business operating under the name of Niugini Adventure Tours or Kokoda Angel Tours. We are located in Papua New Guinea and Australia. In terms of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), Kokoda Tours (AKA Niugini Adventure Tours PTY LTD) is the “controller” of any personal information we collect.

Should you have any concerns or wish to carry out any actions on your data. Contact us at:



What Data Do We Collect and Why?

Information You Provide
Kokoda Tours (AKA Niugini Adventure Tours PTY LTD) collects minimal information you provide. To access some features (such as website accounts or booking services) you will be asked to give yourself a name and/or unique identifier and we collect that information. If you request customer service, any information you send to us will be logged in our customer support system.


Information We Collect Automatically
The majority of the information we collect is automatic and based on your usage of our website and services. This may consist of:
-Your website data for backup / restore, customer service, and for certain features to function.
-Analytics, information about what you do in the website, to help use improve the website.
-Information about any purchases in the website for business purposes and fraud prevention; and
-Device information and identifiers to assist with capability and accessibility improvements.


Information From Third Parties
Kokoda Tours (AKA Niugini Adventure Tours PTY LTD) collects personal identifiers such as your email, username and/or unique ID that you have authorised us to use on your device. We do this to secure and enable features in the website, such as save website backup and recovery, customer service, and more.


Information We DON’T Collect
Kokoda Tours (AKA Niugini Adventure Tours PTY LTD):
DOES NOT collect information on your device location
DOES NOT collect information about your ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any heath information unrelated to trekking.
DOES NOT collect biometric information
DOES NOT collect network activity information
DOES NOT collect sensor data, camera, audio, temperature, etc
DOES NOT collect professional or education status data.


How Do We Collect & Store Data?
The data we collect comes from our website and our customer service operations. Access to data is provided on a strict need-to-know basis.