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Kokoda Track 101 Days by Peter Macinnis : A Riveting Australian Book into the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea (PNG)


Venturing into the pages of “Kokoda Track 101 Days” by Peter Macinnis is like embarking on a historical pilgrimage through the rugged terrains of Papua New Guinea. This book, with its ISBN 9781876372965, unravels the extraordinary tale of the 39th Militia Battalion, an Australian force that stood resilient against the relentless Japanese advance during the Kokoda Campaign of 1942.

Peter Macinnis: The Author Behind the Chronicle

In the vast landscape of war literature, Peter Macinnis stands out as a meticulous chronicler of history. His dedication to detail and passion for military history shine through in “Kokoda Track 101 Days,” where he meticulously recounts the harrowing 101 days that changed the course of the Pacific theater during World War II.

A Synopsis of the Book

The Setting: Kokoda Track and Beyond

The book opens with a vivid description of the Kokoda Track, a treacherous trail that witnessed the clash between the 39th Militia Battalion and the formidable Japanese forces. Macinnis navigates through the lush landscapes of New Guinea, bringing readers face-to-face with the challenging terrain that became the battleground for this historic confrontation.

The Players: Australian Militia vs. Japanese Forces

“Kokoda Track 101 Days” delves into the characters that shaped this war drama. The Australian Militia, comprised mainly of the 39th Battalion, found themselves facing an uphill battle against 6000 experienced Japanese troops of the Nankai Division. The odds seemed insurmountable as the militia aimed to slow the Japanese advance.

The Climax: Owen Stanley Range and Buna Landing

As the pages turn, Macinnis narrates the critical moments when the 39th Militia Battalion eventually halted the Japanese advance across the massive Owen Stanley Range. The landing at Buna and the relentless pursuit to capture Port Moresby come alive, revealing the tenacity and courage of the Australian forces.

Critical Review: Unveiling the Strengths

Meticulous Research and Detail

One of the book’s strengths lies in Macinnis’s dedication to research. Every page is infused with historical accuracy, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the events that transpired during those fateful 101 days. The meticulous detailing brings to life the struggles faced by the Australian soldiers.

Focus on the 39th Militia Battalion

Macinnis brilliantly narrows the spotlight on the 39th Militia Battalion, crafting a narrative that highlights their resilience against overwhelming odds. The book pays homage to these unsung heroes who, against all odds, slowed the advance of the experienced Japanese troops.

Narrative Pace: A Military Drumbeat

The narrative pace of “Kokoda Track 101 Days” echoes the slow, deliberate movements of the Australian militia. Macinnis skilfully captures the tension, making readers feel the weight of each step taken by the soldiers along the Kokoda Trail.

Ordering Information and Availability

For those eager to delve into the riveting pages of “Kokoda Track 101 Days,” the book is available in paperback format, measuring 179 pages. Published by Black Dog Books in 2007, this historical gem can be ordered online through various outlets, including Elizabeth’s Bookshop. The ISBN 9781876372965 is your key to unlocking this extraordinary story.


“Kokoda Track 101 Days” by Peter Macinnis is more than a book; it’s a portal to a crucial chapter in Australian military history. As you order this piece of literature, you’re not just acquiring a book; you’re acquiring a passage to the past, a tale of courage, and a vivid account of how a small force triumphed against overwhelming odds. Immerse yourself in the Kokoda Campaign, where the 39th Militia Battalion slowed the advance of 6000 experienced Japanese troops, etching their story into the annals of history.

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