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Movies and Film Review: Kokoda 2006 – A Film on the 39th Battalion

Introduction – Kokoda 2006

Embarking on the challenging journey of trekking Kokoda is not just a physical feat but also a deep dive into history. One valuable resource for prospective trekkers is the documentary series “Kokoda 2006,” directed by Alister Grierson. This film provides a gripping portrayal of the Kokoda campaign during World War II, bringing to life the trials faced by Australian and Japanese soldiers along the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea.

Background – The Film’s Cast and Crew

1. Director and Production Team

Directed by Alister Grierson, “Kokoda 2006” boasts a stellar cast and crew. Grierson’s vision, coupled with the meticulous cinematography, provides an immersive experience of the harsh jungle terrain along the Kokoda Track. The film showcases the dedication of the production team in recreating the challenging conditions faced by soldiers during the war.

2. Notable Cast Members

The cast includes Jack Finsterer, Simon Stone, William McInnes, Christopher Baker, Ben Barrack, Tom Budge, Angus Sampson, Shane Bourne, Travis McMahon, Luke Ford, Steve Le Marquand, and Ewen Leslie. These talented actors deliver powerful performances that breathe life into the historical narrative.

Movie Plot Overview

3. The Bitter Battle

“Kokoda 2006” delves into the bitter battle fought between Australian and Japanese soldiers along the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea during World War II. The film vividly depicts the struggles of the 39th Battalion as they face the formidable Japanese force in 1942.

4. Personal Journeys

The documentary unfolds personal stories, such as those of Darko and Jack, brothers caught up in the chaos of war. The emotional journey of soldiers, cut off from supply lines, emerges as a central theme. The portrayal of the Isurava village and the platoon’s plight adds a poignant layer to the narrative.

5. True Stories of Courage

“Kokoda 2006” captures the courage of Australian soldiers defending their territory, showcasing the fierce determination required to navigate the treacherous jungle terrain. The film offers a realistic portrayal of the fearsome Japanese force and the challenges faced by both sides during the conflict.

Technical Details

6. Cinematography and Production Quality

The cinematography in “Kokoda 2006” deserves special mention. The film authentically recreates the harsh conditions and restrictive terrain faced by soldiers. The use of HD technology enhances the viewer’s experience, providing a visually stunning depiction of the Kokoda Track.

7. Authenticity and Attention to Detail

The attention to detail in portraying historical events along the Kokoda Trail is commendable. From the soldiers’ uniforms to the weaponry used, the film stays true to the reality of World War II. This authenticity enhances the viewer’s understanding of the challenges faced by those who fought in this theater of war.

Review and Recommendation

8. Critical Acclaim

“Kokoda 2006” has received positive reviews for its gripping narrative, outstanding performances, and authentic portrayal of historical events. The film successfully captures the essence of the Kokoda campaign, making it a must-watch for history enthusiasts and those planning to trek the Kokoda Track.

9. Prospective Trekkers’ Perspective

For individuals planning to hike or trek along the Kokoda Track, watching “Kokoda 2006” offers valuable insights into the historical significance of the trail. The film serves as a powerful motivator, fostering a deeper appreciation for the challenges faced by soldiers during this pivotal period in history.


In conclusion, “Kokoda 2006” is a compelling documentary series that serves as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the Kokoda Track and the history of the World War II campaign in New Guinea. As you prepare for your own trekking adventure along this historic trail, allow the film to be your guide, providing a glimpse into the sacrifices, struggles, and triumphs of those who once traversed the same path.

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