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Movies: Kokoda the Stairway to Hell – World War II 


Trekking Kokoda is an unforgettable experience that takes you through the historic Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, retracing the steps of Australian soldiers during World War II. As you prepare for this challenging hike, it’s essential to delve into the historical context that shaped the track and its significance. One valuable resource for understanding the Kokoda campaign is the film “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell,” directed by John Phillips in 1993. In this article, we will explore the movie, its portrayal of the wartime events, and its impact on how the Kokoda Track is perceived today.

Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell – A Cinematic Journey

The Plot

“Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” focuses on the harrowing events of 1942 when a platoon of B-Company, 39th Battalion Australian soldiers, confronted the forward elements of a Japanese regiment along the Kokoda Track. The movie vividly captures the challenges, heroism, and sacrifices made by both sides during this pivotal moment in World War II.

Immortalizing the Kokoda Track

The Kokoda Track, initially a little-known trail in the Owen Stanley Range, became immortalized as the Kokoda Trail due to the intense battles that unfolded along its rugged terrain. “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” plays a crucial role in bringing these historical events to life, allowing viewers to appreciate the significance of the track in the context of the war.

Kokoda on DVD: A Brand New Perspective

The DVD Release

The movie’s release on DVD brought the gripping narrative and breathtaking scenery of the Kokoda Track to a broader audience. For those planning to embark on the Kokoda trek, watching the film on DVD provides a unique opportunity to visualize the challenging conditions faced by soldiers and the awe-inspiring landscapes they traversed.

John Phillips’ Directorial Brilliance

Directed by John Phillips, “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” showcases his ability to capture the raw emotions of war while paying homage to the bravery of Australian soldiers. Phillips effectively blends historical accuracy with cinematic storytelling, delivering a film that is not only informative but also emotionally resonant.

The Impact on Trekking Kokoda Today

Commemorating History

The movie serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by the soldiers along the Kokoda Track. Today, trekkers embark on the same path, not only for the physical challenge but also to pay homage to the fallen and to understand the historical importance of this trail.

Hiking Through History

As you hike the Kokoda Track, scenes from “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” may flash through your mind. The movie provides trekkers with a deep appreciation for the historical context of the track, enhancing the overall experience of walking in the footsteps of those who shaped the course of history.

Purchasing the DVD: What You Need to Know

Condition and Value

If you’re considering purchasing the DVD of “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell,” it’s essential to check the condition of the item. Look for sellers who provide detailed information about the DVD’s condition, ensuring you receive a product that meets your expectations.

Seller Feedback and Ratings

Before making a purchase, review the seller’s feedback and ratings. Positive feedback and a high rating indicate a reliable and reputable seller. Pay attention to comments about the condition of the DVD and the accuracy of the item description.

Shipping to Australia

If you’re based in Australia, inquire about shipping options and costs. Ensuring a smooth shipping process is crucial to receiving your DVD promptly and in good condition.


“Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” serves as a powerful companion for those planning to trek the Kokoda Track. It not only provides a cinematic journey through the wartime events but also contributes to the immortalization of the Kokoda Trail itself. As you prepare for this extraordinary hike, let the movie be your guide, offering insights into the historical significance and the enduring spirit of those who traversed the stairway to hell.


Q: What is the movie about?

A: “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” is a war film that depicts the experiences of Australian soldiers during the Kokoda Track campaign of World War II.

Q: When was the movie released?

A: The movie “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” was released in 2006.

Q: Who directed the movie?

A: The movie “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” was directed by Alister Grierson.

Q: Is the movie based on a true story?

A: Yes, the movie “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” is based on the real events of the Kokoda Track campaign during World War II.

Q: Where can I watch the movie?

A: The movie “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” may be available for streaming on various online platforms or for purchase on DVD or Blu-ray.

Q: What is the significance of the Kokoda Track in World War II?

A: The Kokoda Track was a pivotal battleground in the Pacific campaign of World War II, where Australian forces faced off against the Japanese army in a gruelling jungle terrain.

Q: Are there any historical inaccuracies in the movie?

A: While the movie is generally faithful to the historical events, some details may have been altered for dramatic purposes.

Q: What is the rating of the movie?

A: The movie “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” holds an R rating due to its depiction of war violence and themes. It has received very limited negative feedback but a much larger audience providing good positive feedback

Q: Did the soldiers from receive recognition for their service?

A: Yes, the soldiers who fought on the Kokoda Track were later honoured for their bravery and sacrifice during the war.

Q: How does “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” contribute to the portrayal of World War II in cinema?

A: The movie “Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” offers a perspective on the Pacific front of World War II and highlights the endurance and valour of soldiers in challenging circumstances.

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