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Australian Kokoda Track Training : Trek Preparation for the Kokoda Trail Walk in or near Perth

Introduction Trek Training in Australia

Preparing for the Kokoda Trail is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable trek through the challenging terrains of Papua New Guinea. If you’re based in Perth, Western Australia, you’re fortunate to have access to various training locations that will help you build the stamina and strength required for this historic trek. In this guide, we’ll explore some key training locations around Perth and provide valuable insights to enhance your Kokoda Trail preparation.

John Forrest National Park: A Bushland Challenge

Located just a short drive from Perth, John Forrest National Park offers an ideal setting for Kokoda Trail preparation. The park features diverse walking trails that mimic the undulating terrains of the Kokoda Track.

Trail Overview

  • Location: John Forrest National Park
  • Altitude: Ranges from 60 to 300 meters above sea level
  • Terrain: Varied, with steep sections and bushland trails
  • Key Points: Utilize Law Walk and various bushland tracks for a challenging workout.

Bold Park: Scenic Views and Varied Terrain

Bold Park, situated near the coast, provides a different training experience with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The mix of coastal and bushland trails will help simulate the diverse conditions of the Kokoda Track.

Trail Overview

  • Location: Bold Park
  • Altitude: Varies from sea level to 80 meters
  • Terrain: Coastal and bushland trails with both steep and easy sections
  • Key Points: Focus on endurance with the long coastal walk and incorporate hill climbs for added challenge.

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve: Steep Climbs and Bushland Beauty

For those seeking a more challenging environment, Ellis Brook Valley Reserve is an excellent choice. The steep climbs and rocky paths emulate the tough conditions of the Kokoda Trail.

Trail Overview

  • Location: Ellis Brook Valley Reserve
  • Altitude: Ranges from 50 to 200 meters above sea level
  • Terrain: Steep climbs, rocky paths, and bushland trails
  • Key Points: Incorporate uphill climbs to prepare for the challenging ascents on the Kokoda Trail.

Additional Tips for Effective Training

  • Steep Inclines: Train on paths with steep inclines to simulate the challenging ascents on the Kokoda Track.
  • Pack Training: Gradually introduce a weighted backpack to your training routine to prepare for the weight of your trekking gear.
  • Consistent Training: Establish a consistent training schedule to build endurance and strength gradually.

Safety and Respect on the Kokoda Track

The Kokoda Trail is not just a physical challenge; it is also a journey through history. Respect the significance of the trail by understanding the sacrifices made during the Kokoda campaign. As you train, reflect on the bravery of Australian troops who fought in Papua New Guinea from July 1942 to January 1943.


Training for the Kokoda Trail requires dedication, but with the right preparation in Perth’s diverse landscapes, you can embark on this historic trek with confidence. Whether you choose the bushland challenges of John Forrest National Park, the coastal views of Bold Park, or the steep climbs of Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, each location offers a unique opportunity to build the stamina and strength needed for the Kokoda Trail. Remember to stay consistent, train safely, and pay tribute to the courage of those who walked this path before you.


Q: What is the Kokoda Track?

A: The Kokoda Track is a trail in Papua New Guinea that was the site of a significant battle during World War II. It is now a popular trekking destination.

Q: What is Kokoda Track training for?

A: The Kokoda Track training is designed to prepare individuals for trekking the Kokoda Trail, which includes physical conditioning, mental preparation, and logistical information.

Q: What is the significance of the Kokoda Track Memorial?

A: The Track Memorial is a tribute to the bravery of Australian soldiers who fought in the Papua New Guinea campaign during World War II.

Q: What are some popular nearby attractions to the Track Memorial?

A: Nearby attractions to the Kokoda Track Memorial include Kings Park, Swan River, and various walking trails in the area.

Q: What should I expect during a tour of Kokoda?

A: During a  tour, you can expect to follow the trail through varying terrain, learn about the history of the track, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region.

Q: How long does it take to complete the trek?

A: The trek typically takes about 9 days to complete, covering a distance of approximately 96 kilometres.

Q: What should I bring for the walk?

A: It is essential to bring appropriate trekking gear, including sturdy hiking boots, lightweight and breathable clothing, a good backpack, water purification tablets, and other camping essentials.

Q: What is the best time of year to undertake the trek?

A: The best time to undertake the trek during the dry season, which falls between April and November. This period offers favourable weather conditions for trekking.

Q: How challenging is the trek?

A: The trek is considered to be physically challenging due to its steep and rugged terrain. Participants should engage in thorough physical training to prepare for the trek.

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