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Ways to Use a Hiking Bandana : A Must-Have on the Kokoda Trail


Embarking on the trek of a lifetime along the historic Kokoda Track demands careful preparation, and one essential item you should never overlook is a trusty bandana. This versatile piece of outdoor gear can be your companion through the challenging terrains, providing not only style but also practical functionality. In this guide, we’ll explore the numerous ways a hiking bandana can elevate your experience on the Kokoda Track.

The Universal Appeal of Bandanas

1. A Stylish Yet Practical Accessory

Wearing a bandana on the Kokoda Track isn’t just about fashion; it’s a statement of preparedness. Whether you prefer the classic paisley design or a more modern look, a bandana adds flair to your outdoor ensemble while serving a multitude of purposes.

2. Sun Protection: Your Hiker’s Hat

The scorching sun along the Kokoda Track can be relentless. A bandana serves as an excellent alternative or supplement to a traditional hat, offering UV protection for your neck, face, and head. Simply tie it securely to shield yourself from the harsh Australian sun.

3. Cooling Down: Combatting the Aussie Heat

Whenever I’m hiking in Australia, I carry a bandana as my secret weapon against the heat. Soak it in water and wear it around your neck to enjoy an instant cool-down. This simple trick can make a significant difference, especially during the challenging uphill sections of the trail.

4. Emergency Uses: A Bandana’s Versatility

One of the most universal pieces of gear, a bandana can be a lifesaver in unexpected situations. From first aid to improvising a headband or balaclava, its versatility knows no bounds. Pack a few safety pins, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift sling or even a sleeping bag tie.

Choosing the Right Bandana for Kokoda

5. Material Matters: Cotton vs. Microfiber vs. Merino Wool

Not all bandanas are created equal. For the Kokoda Track, opt for materials like microfiber or merino wool for their quick-drying properties. Unlike traditional cotton, these fabrics ensure you stay warm and dry, even in unpredictable weather conditions.

6. Designs and Colors: Beyond Aesthetics

While aesthetics are crucial, your bandana’s design and color can serve practical purposes. Choose lighter colors to reflect the sun’s rays and prevent overheating. Additionally, a brightly colored bandana can be a visible signal in case of emergencies.

Ways to Make the Most of Your Hiking Bandana

7. Headwear Magic: Bandanas as Headbands

A bandana makes for an excellent headband, keeping sweat away from your eyes during the most challenging parts of the trail. It’s a small, yet invaluable, addition to your hiking gear.

8. Trail Cleanup: A Multi-functional Cleaning Tool

Carry a bandana to wipe away sweat, clean your gear, or even as a makeshift napkin during meal breaks. Its quick-drying nature ensures it’s always ready for the next use.

9. Gear Reviews: Why Bandanas Deserve the Spotlight

In the realm of outdoor gear reviews, bandanas often take a backseat to high-tech gadgets. However, their practicality and versatility make them an unsung hero on the Kokoda Track.

10. Backcountry Comfort: Improvised Sleeping Bag Tie

When camping along the trail, a bandana becomes a handy tool for securing your sleeping bag to your backpack. Its durability and flexibility make it an easy and effective solution.

11. UV Protection: Guarding Against the Australian Sun

Australia’s sun can be unforgiving. A bandana provides an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring you stay safe while immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Kokoda Track.

12. Aesthetic Appeal: Elevating Your Outdoor Style

Beyond its practical uses, a bandana adds a touch of flair to your outdoor ensemble. Whether you’re a fan of the classic paisley or a more modern design, your bandana can be a statement piece on the Kokoda Track.


As you gear up for the adventure of trekking the Kokoda Track, don’t underestimate the power of a simple bandana. This unassuming piece of outdoor gear is more than a fashion accessory – it’s a versatile, practical, and essential companion for every hiker. So, whenever you’re hiking in the Australian wilderness, make sure to carry a bandana, and you’ll be ready to face any situation the Kokoda Track throws your way.


Q: What are the different ways to use a hiking bandana?

A: There are numerous ways to use a hiking bandana, including as a sweatband, neck scarf, headwrap, first aid sling, balaclava, and even as a napkin during a meal.

Q: Why is a hiking bandana considered a must-have for hikers?

A: A hiking bandana is considered a must-have for hikers because it is a versatile piece of gear that can be used in various situations to keep warm, stay dry, protect against the sun, and even provide first aid support.

Q: How can I wear a hiking bandana while on an adventure?

A: You can wear a hiking bandana in multiple ways such as around your neck, as a headband, over your face as a mask, or even as a wristband to wipe away sweat.

Q: What are the benefits of carrying a bandana during a hiking trip?

A: Carrying a bandana while hiking can come in handy for wiping away sweat, protecting your neck and face from the sun, acting as a makeshift towel, and offering basic first aid support.

Q: How can I pack a hiking bandana efficiently for a hiking or camping trip?

A: You can easily pack a hiking bandana by folding it into a compact square and placing it in your backpack, pocket, or even attaching it to your gear using a clip or carabiner.

Q: Can a hiking bandana provide warmth in cold weather?

A: Yes, a hiking bandana can provide warmth in cold weather when worn as a neck gaiter, headwrap, or even as a makeshift balaclava to keep your face and neck warm and dry.

Q: What makes hiking bandanas a useful piece of gear for outdoor activities?

A: Hiking bandanas are useful for outdoor activities due to their versatility, lightweight and compact design, and ability to serve multiple functions such as a sweatband, scarf, first aid sling, and even a makeshift pad or wrap.

Q: Are there specific tips for using a hiking bandana during different outdoor activities?

A: Yes, there are specific tips for using a hiking bandana, such as using it as a sweatband during intense activities, wrapping it around your neck for sun protection, or even as a towel to wipe off dirt and sweat during outdoor adventures.

Q: What are some ways in which a hiking bandana can be used in first aid situations?

A: In first aid situations, a hiking bandana can be used as a sling for supporting an injured arm, as a bandage to cover wounds, or even as a compress for applying pressure to stop bleeding.

Q: How can a hiking bandana be utilized during activities such as backpacking, camping, and yoga?

A: A hiking bandana can be utilized during backpacking, camping, and yoga activities by offering protection against the elements, functioning as a sweat-wicking accessory, and providing a versatile piece of fabric for various needs.

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