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Training for the Kokoda Trail in or Near Brisbane


Embarking on the Kokoda Trail is no small feat. This iconic track, known for its historical significance, challenges both physical and mental endurance. For trekkers based in Brisbane, preparation is key to conquering the 48km journey through the rugged terrain. In this guide, we will explore training locations near Brisbane to help you get in peak condition for the Kokoda Challenge in 2023.

Lamington National Park: Altitude Training

Lamington National Park, located south of Brisbane, offers trekkers a unique training ground. The park’s diverse landscapes, including subtropical rainforests and mountain ranges, mimic some of the conditions you’ll encounter on the Kokoda Trail.

Altitude: The park’s elevation varies from 300 to 1,200 meters above sea level, providing an excellent opportunity for altitude training. This prepares your body for the higher altitudes along the real Kokoda Track.

D’Aguilar National Park: Steep Terrain Conditioning

D’Aguilar National Park is a vast expanse of natural beauty, just northwest of Brisbane. The park boasts steep trails and dense forest, making it an ideal location for simulating the challenging conditions of the Kokoda Track.

Altitude: With elevations ranging from 50 to 500 meters above sea level, D’Aguilar National Park is perfect for honing your endurance on steep inclines.

Mount Coot-tha Reserve: Urban Training Ground

Mount Coot-tha Reserve provides a unique training environment right in the heart of Brisbane. While not as rugged as the Kokoda Trail, it offers a convenient location for city dwellers to work on their endurance and stamina.

Altitude: Though not as high as Lamington or D’Aguilar, Mount Coot-tha sits at approximately 287 meters above sea level, allowing for a different training experience.

Bellbird Trail: Embracing the Challenge

One specific trail within D’Aguilar National Park that deserves attention is the Bellbird Trail. This challenging 30km trail features steep ascents and descents, providing an excellent simulation of the Kokoda Track.

Altitude: With elevations ranging from 50 to 400 meters above sea level, Bellbird Trail adds another layer to your altitude training.

Honouring the 1942 Kokoda Campaign

As you train for the Kokoda Challenge, remember the historical significance of the Kokoda Track in 1942. This was a pivotal campaign during World War II, and the terrain was unforgiving. Training in locations that echo the steep and challenging conditions pays homage to the sacrifices made by the diggers.

Brisbane Kokoda Challenge: Australia’s Toughest Team Endurance Event

The Kokoda Challenge in Brisbane is renowned as Australia’s toughest team endurance event. Teams of 2, comprised of sports or school mates, navigate the demanding 48km trail. The event, organized by the Kokoda Youth Foundation, not only tests physical endurance but also emphasizes mateship, courage, and sacrifice.

Kokoda Youth Foundation Programs

The Kokoda Youth Foundation runs programs that engage and inspire disadvantaged and disengaged youth. By participating in the Kokoda Challenge, you contribute to their mission of changing the lives of Aussie teens. The foundation raises funds to provide experiential programs that help youth reach their full potential.


Training for the Kokoda Trail in or near Brisbane involves more than just physical endurance. It’s about honouring the history of the Kokoda Track, embracing the challenge, and supporting the mission of the Kokoda Youth Foundation. As you traverse Lamington National Park, D’Aguilar National Park, and Mount Coot-tha Reserve, remember that each step brings you closer to not only conquering the Kokoda Challenge but also making a positive impact on the lives of Aussie teens. Lace up your boots, embrace the journey, and prepare for an unforgettable experience on the real Kokoda Track in 2023.

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