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Best Hiking Sunglasses for Sun Protection on the Kokoda Track


Trekking the historic Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea is an adventure of a lifetime, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience through stunning landscapes and wartime history. As you gear up for this epic hike, one crucial aspect to consider is protecting your eyes from the harsh sun along the way. In this guide, we’ll delve into the importance of sunglasses and explore the best options for your Kokoda trek in 2023.

The Significance of Hiking Sunglasses on the Kokoda Track

Shielding Your Eyes from UV Rays

When embarking on the Kokoda Track, your eyes are exposed to intense sunlight. The Kokoda trek involves navigating through diverse terrains, including dense jungles and open mountainous areas. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection is essential to safeguard your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey.

Polarized Lenses for Glare Reduction

The Kokoda Track presents various challenges, and glare from reflective surfaces like bodies of water can be a major hindrance. Opting for sunglasses with polarized lenses is a smart choice. These lenses effectively reduce glare, providing clear vision and preventing eye strain during the trek.

Choosing the Best Hiking Sunglasses for Kokoda

Lens Technology Matters

  1. Polycarbonate Lenses: For durability and impact resistance, choose sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses. These lenses can withstand the rigors of hiking and offer excellent protection against debris.
  2. Polarized Lens Technology: Look for sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare and enhance visibility. This is particularly crucial when trekking in areas with reflective surfaces.
  3. UV Protection: Ensure that the sunglasses you choose provide 100% UV protection. This shields your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and minimizes the risk of long-term damage.

Comfort and Practical Features

  1. Removable Side Shields: In varying terrains, having the flexibility to adjust your sunglasses is beneficial. Look for models with removable side shields for versatility.
  2. Comfortable Fit: Consider your face shape and choose sunglasses that offer a comfortable fit. Ill-fitting glasses can cause discomfort during long hikes.
  3. Lightweight Design: Kokoda’s challenging terrain requires gear that won’t weigh you down. Opt for lightweight sunglasses with comfortable arms for extended wear.

Choosing the Right Sunglasses 

Choosing Based on Activity

  1. Sports and Cycling Sunglasses: If you plan to engage in additional activities like cycling or sports during your trek, consider sunglasses designed for these specific purposes.
  2. Prescription Sunglasses: If you wear prescription glasses, explore options for prescription sunglasses that provide the necessary protection.

Factors to Consider When Buying Hiking Sunglasses

  1. Lens Colour: Different lens colours offer varying benefits. Choose a colour that suits your preferences and enhances visibility in the specific conditions you’ll encounter on the Kokoda Track.
  2. Durability: Invest in a pair of sunglasses that can withstand the rugged conditions of the trail. Plastic lenses are lighter, while glass lenses may be heavier but offer superior clarity.
  3. Design for Specific Activities: If you have specific activities planned, such as mountaineering or backpacking, select sunglasses tailored to those activities for optimal performance.

Conclusion – Quality Sunglasses

In conclusion, choosing the right pair of sunglasses is a crucial aspect of preparing for the Kokoda Track. Whether you opt for the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL for its durability or the Goodr Starfish for affordability, prioritizing UV protection and glare reduction will enhance your trekking experience. Remember, the best hiking sunglasses of 2023 are the ones that cater to your specific needs and offer comfort and functionality throughout your Kokoda adventure.


Q: What are the best sunglasses for hiking on the Kokoda Track?

A: The best hiking sunglasses for sun protection on the Kokoda Track are those that are durable, comfortable to wear, and provide excellent UV protection. Look for sunglasses specifically designed for outdoor activities with polarized lenses to reduce reflected light and protect your eyes from the sun.

Q: How can I choose the top hiking sunglasses for my outdoor adventures?

A: When selecting the top hiking sunglasses, consider factors such as UV protection, durability, comfort, and lens technology. Look for sunglasses that are polarized to reduce glare and reflections, as well as those that offer a comfortable fit for extended wear during outdoor activities.

Q: What should I look for in the best sunglasses for mountaineering?

A: The best sunglasses for mountaineering should have high-quality, polarized lenses that offer protection against intense UV rays at high altitudes. Additionally, the sunglasses should be durable, comfortable to wear for extended periods, and designed to reduce glare from snow and ice.

Q: Are there specific sunglasses designed for women for hiking?

A: Yes, there are sunglasses specifically designed for women for hiking and outdoor activities. These sunglasses are tailored to fit smaller facial shapes and offer the same level of protection, durability, and comfort as those designed for men.

Q: How can I find the best-tested hiking sunglasses for 2023?

A: To find the best-tested hiking sunglasses for 2023, look for reviews and ratings from reliable outdoor gear sources, as well as recommendations from experienced hikers. Additionally, consider factors such as UV protection, durability, and overall performance in various outdoor conditions.

Q: How can I find polarized sunglasses suitable for hiking?

A: When looking for polarized sunglasses suitable for hiking, seek out pairs specifically designed for outdoor activities. These sunglasses should offer both UV protection and polarization to reduce glare, making them ideal for hiking in varied terrain and lighting conditions.

Q: What are the best sunglasses for hiking and backpacking?

A: The best sunglasses for hiking and backpacking are those that combine durability, UV protection, and a comfortable fit for extended wear. Look for sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare and reflections, as well as those designed for outdoor use in rugged environments.

Q: How can I identify quality sports sunglasses for outdoor activities?

A: Quality sports sunglasses for outdoor activities are characterized by their durable construction, UV protection, and specialized features such as polarized lenses and anti-glare technology. Look for sunglasses that are designed to stay securely in place during physical activities and provide clear, undistorted vision.

Q: Is it important to wear polarized sunglasses for every hiking trip?

A: Yes, it is important to wear polarized sunglasses for every hiking trip to protect your eyes from UV rays, reduce glare and reflections, and enhance your overall visual comfort during outdoor activities. Polarized sunglasses are especially beneficial when hiking in bright, high-contrast environments.

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