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Training for the Kokoda Trail in the Sunshine Coast


Preparing for the Kokoda Trail is no small feat, especially when you’re gearing up for the challenging terrains of Papua New Guinea’s wartime track. This guide is tailored for prospective trekkers on the Sunshine Coast, offering insights into the ideal training locations and key details to get you ready for the Kokoda Challenge.

Embracing the Sunshine Coast Terrain

Mount Coolum (Altitude: 208 meters)

Mount Coolum, standing at 208 meters above sea level, serves as an excellent starting point for your Kokoda Trail preparation. The steep ascent and descent mimic the challenging sections of the real Kokoda Track, making it an ideal training ground.

Noosa National Park

With its stunning coastal views and diverse landscapes, Noosa National Park offers varied terrains that can help build endurance and strength. While it doesn’t replicate the altitude of Kokoda, explore the coastal tracks to simulate the conditions you’ll face during the challenge.

Glass House Mountains (Altitude: Up to 556 meters)

Venture into the Glass House Mountains for a more elevated training experience. These volcanic peaks reach altitudes of up to 556 meters, providing trekkers with a taste of higher altitudes similar to parts of the Kokoda Track. The rocky terrain and steep trails will challenge your physical and mental stamina.

Tailoring Your Training

Imbil State Forest in Kenilworth

To truly simulate the Kokoda experience, head to Imbil State Forest in Kenilworth. The forest features a network of trails where you can replicate the challenging conditions of the real Kokoda Track. Altitudes vary, adding an extra layer of difficulty to your training.

Brisbane and Gold Coast Locations

While not on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast offer additional training grounds. Vary your routine by exploring these areas, ensuring that your preparation covers diverse terrains, elevations, and distances.

The Kokoda Challenge Courses

Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The actual Kokoda Challenge event on the Sunshine Coast winds through the picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Familiarize yourself with the course maps, released closer to the event, to understand the specific challenges you’ll face.

2023 Sunshine Coast Kokoda Challenge

In 2023, the Sunshine Coast hosts the Kokoda Challenge, Australia’s toughest team endurance event. Participants can choose between distances of 18km, 30km, or the grueling 48km through Imbil State Forest.

Real Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea

Remember, the Kokoda Challenge is about more than just physical preparation; it’s an opportunity to connect with the values of the Kokoda Spirit. The track in Papua New Guinea holds historical significance, as it was the site of the Kokoda Campaign in 1942.

Kokoda Youth Foundation and the Challenge

Kokoda Youth Foundation’s Youth Programs

Engage in the challenge not only for personal growth but also to support the Kokoda Youth Foundation’s youth programs. These programs aim to change the lives of Australian teens by providing experiential opportunities that inspire and educate.

Australia’s Toughest Team Endurance Event

The Kokoda Challenge isn’t just a race; it’s a fundraising initiative. Funds raised go towards supporting Aussie teens, making a positive impact in the community. Participate with the goal of changing lives and contributing to a noble cause.


Training for the Kokoda Challenge on the Sunshine Coast involves a strategic approach. Embrace the diverse terrains offered by Mount Coolum, Noosa National Park, and the Glass House Mountains, considering the altitudes to replicate the Kokoda conditions accurately. Fine-tune your preparation in Imbil State Forest, and explore additional locations in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Remember, the Kokoda Challenge is not just an endurance event; it’s an opportunity to embody the values of the Kokoda Spirit and make a lasting impact on the lives of Aussie teens. As you gear up for 2023, make every step count towards a life-changing experience on the real Kokoda Track.

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