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Kokoda Track Campaign Books: The Battle for Australia the Kokoda Campaign


The Kokoda Track, situated in Papua New Guinea, stands as a testament to the fierce battles fought during the Kokoda Campaign in 1942. This iconic trail, also known as the Kokoda Trail, has become a pilgrimage for many Australian trekkers looking to hike through history and honour the sacrifices made by Australian troops during the Second World War.

The Setting: Papua New Guinea’s Challenging Jungle Terrain

Trekking along the Kokoda Track offers an immersive experience through the dense jungles of Papua New Guinea. The trail winds its way through the Owen Stanley Range, presenting trekkers with a challenging yet rewarding hike. The lush greenery and rugged landscape serve as a backdrop to the historical events that unfolded in this remote part of the Pacific.

Prelude to Battle: July 1942

In July 1942, the Japanese forces aimed to advance towards Port Moresby in an attempt to secure a strategic advantage in the Pacific War. The Kokoda Track became the battleground for Australian forces, particularly the 39th Australian Infantry Battalion, as they confronted the Japanese along the trail.

The Battle Unfolds: August 1942

As the Japanese forces pushed towards Kokoda Village, the Australians engaged in intense jungle warfare. The battle of Kokoda marked a pivotal moment in the Pacific War, with the 39th Australian Infantry Battalion playing a crucial role in resisting the Japanese advance. The desperate delaying actions fought along the Kokoda Track demonstrated the tenacity of the Australian troops.

Holding the Line: Imminent Ridge and Gona

The Australian troops, facing the harsh jungle conditions, fought fiercely at Immita Ridge and Gona. The northern side of the Owen Stanley Range witnessed determined Australian resistance as they sought to halt the Japanese force’s progress and protect the territory of Papua.

Allies at Milne Bay: November 1942

While the Kokoda Track campaign unfolded, the Battle of Milne Bay took place in November 1942. Australian and American forces, including the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Australian Navy, successfully defended Milne Bay, repelling the Japanese advance and securing Allied bases in northern Australia.

Recapturing Kokoda: Australian Counter-Offensive

Following a series of strategic battles, the Australian forces initiated a counter-offensive, recapturing Kokoda Village. This marked a significant turning point in the campaign, showcasing the resilience of the Australian military.

Beyond Kokoda: The Guadalcanal Campaign

As the Australians regained control of Kokoda, attention shifted to the Guadalcanal Campaign, further illustrating the interconnected nature of the Pacific War. The victories along the Kokoda Track contributed to the broader Allied efforts in the region.

Commemorating Sacrifices: Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels

The trek along the Kokoda Track provides an opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable support of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, the Papuan people who assisted and rescued wounded Australian soldiers. Their contributions are remembered as a symbol of the enduring friendship between Australia and Papua New Guinea.


Trekking Kokoda is more than just a physical challenge; it’s a journey through history. The Kokoda Track, with its significant landmarks and historical events, offers trekkers a unique perspective on the sacrifices made by Australian troops during the Battle for Australia. As you hike along the Kokoda Trail, you’ll not only experience the breathtaking beauty of Papua New Guinea but also pay homage to the brave souls who fought along this iconic path.


Q: What is the significance of the Kokoda Track Campaign in the Battle for Australia?

A: The Kokoda Track Campaign was a pivotal battle in the defence of Australia during World War II. It marked the first time that the Japanese advance was halted on land, and it ultimately prevented the invasion of Australia.

Q: What is the Kokoda Track?

A: The Kokoda Track is a historical trail in Papua New Guinea, also known as the Kokoda Trail. It gained significance during the Kokoda Track Campaign as it was the key battleground where Australian forces engaged the Japanese army.

Q: What was the Imita Ridge and its significance in the Kokoda Track Campaign?

A: The Imita Ridge was a strategic point along the Kokoda Track where the Australian forces made a final stand against the Japanese advance. It marked a significant turning point in the campaign, as the Australian troops successfully held their ground and repelled the enemy.

Q: What role did the Australian War Memorial play in the Kokoda Track Campaign?

A: The Australian War Memorial honours the sacrifices and achievements of the Australian Army during the Kokoda Track Campaign. It serves as a repository of historical records and artefacts related to this crucial period in Australia’s military history.

Q: When did the Battle of the Coral Sea take place in relation to the Kokoda Track Campaign?

A: The Battle of the Coral Sea, a significant naval engagement between the Allies and Japan, occurred concurrently with the Kokoda Track Campaign. The outcome of this battle influenced the dynamics of the campaign and the broader Pacific theatre.

Q: What was the significance of the recapture of Kokoda during the campaign?

A: The recapture of Kokoda by Australian forces was a critical achievement. It symbolized the reversal of the Japanese advance and bolstered the morale of the Allied troops. Additionally, regaining control of Kokoda provided strategic advantages for further military operations.

Q: How did the Battle for the Kokoda impact the Australian advance along the track?

A: The Battle for the Kokoda significantly influenced the Australian advance along the track. It posed formidable challenges for the Australian troops, testing their resilience and determination in the face of harsh terrain and fierce opposition from the Japanese forces.

Q: What was the role of the 7th Australian Division in the Kokoda Track Campaign?

A: The 7th Australian Division played a crucial role in the Kokoda Track Campaign. It was at the forefront of the Australian defence and played a pivotal part in repelling the Japanese advance, contributing to the ultimate success of the campaign.

Q: How did the village of Kokoda and Milne Bay factor into the campaign?

A: The village of Kokoda and Milne Bay were strategic locations that featured prominently in the Kokoda Track Campaign. They witnessed intense fighting and were key areas where the Australian and Japanese forces clashed, shaping the outcome of the campaign.

Q: What were the battle casualties like during the Kokoda Track Campaign?

A: The Kokoda Track Campaign resulted in significant battle casualties on both sides. The challenging jungle terrain, harsh climatic conditions, and fierce combat led to a high toll of casualties, highlighting the arduous nature of the campaign for all involved.

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