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Kokoda Front Line and Others : Exploring the Kokoda Campaign Movies


Embarking on the challenging journey of trekking Kokoda is not just a physical feat; it’s a historical and emotional experience. The Kokoda Track, known for its gruelling terrain and historical significance, has been the backdrop for several cinematic portrayals of the Kokoda Campaign during World War II. In this article, we will delve into the cinematic world that captures the essence of the trail, the heroism of the Australian soldiers from the 39th Battalion, and the intense jungle warfare.

“Kokoda” (2006): A Cinematic Expedition

The film “Kokoda,” directed by Alister Grierson, takes us on a riveting journey along the Kokoda Track. Set in 1942, the film follows a small group of Australian soldiers as they navigate the challenging terrain, facing not only the physical demands of the track but also the relentless pursuit of Japanese forces. Grierson’s portrayal brings to life the heat of battle, the camaraderie among the soldiers, and the unwavering determination to save Australia.

“Kokoda: The 39th Battalion” (2006): Honouring the Heroes

This film focuses on the 39th Battalion, showcasing the bravery and resilience of Australian soldiers in the Kokoda Campaign. Jack Finsterer delivers a powerful performance, embodying the spirit of those who fought along the Kokoda Trail. The film provides a glimpse into the exhaustion and suffering endured by the soldiers, emphasizing their commitment to re-join the battle despite dysentery, malaria, and the thin red line of supply.

“Kokoda: The Stairway to Hell” (2011): Recounting History

Directed by Alister Grierson, ‘Kokoda the Stairway to Hell delves deeper into the historical context of the Kokoda Campaign. It captures the fierce battles, the lost patrol, and the critical moments at Isurava. Grierson skillfully portrays the war’s impact on soldiers, both physically and emotionally, leaving an indelible mark on the history of Australia’s involvement in World War II.

“Kokoda Crescent” (2009): An Artistic Perspective

Simon Stone’s “Kokoda Crescent” provides a unique take on the Kokoda Campaign, blending history with artistic expression. The film explores the village of Isurava and the interconnectedness of the soldiers who fought there. With a focus on production design and costume, Stone creates a visually stunning representation of the war, earning recognition in these categories.

Kokoda: Beyond the Movies

Isurava on the Kokoda Track: A Historic Battlefield

Isurava, a village along the Kokoda Track, holds significant historical importance. It became a battleground during World War II, witnessing the bravery of Australian soldiers from the 39th Battalion. The movies vividly depict the challenges faced by these soldiers in Isurava, and trekking Kokoda allows you to walk in their footsteps and pay homage to their sacrifices.

The AIF Legacy: Honoured to be Your Brother

The Australian Imperial Force (AIF) played a pivotal role in the Kokoda Campaign. The movies showcase the camaraderie among soldiers, emphasizing the bonds formed during the fiery crucible of war. “Honoured to be your brother” echoes the sentiments shared by these soldiers, a phrase that resonates with the trekking experience along the Kokoda Track.

Behind Enemy Lines: The Kokoda Front Line

Venturing into the dense jungle along the Kokoda Track, Australian soldiers faced the challenges of navigating behind enemy lines. The movies vividly depict the strategic importance of the Kokoda Front Line and the determination of soldiers to hold their ground against the Japanese invasion.


As you prepare for your trek along the Kokoda Track, immersing yourself in the cinematic portrayals of the Kokoda Campaign adds a layer of understanding and appreciation for the historical significance of this challenging terrain. These films capture the essence of the trek, portraying the heroism of Australian soldiers from the 39th Battalion and the intense jungle warfare they endured. Each step along the Kokoda Track becomes a tribute to the men who fought in the small villages, dense jungles, and historic battlegrounds of Papua New Guinea during World War II. So, lace up your boots, embrace the spirit of the 39th Battalion, and make your own history along the Kokoda Trail.

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